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TecnoIndustries® designs and manufactures products to satisfy a wide range of markets worldwide. Our main product portfolio is composed of calcium carbonate products, colored roofing granules, cements, stuccos, brick, pavers, and architectural and concrete masonry block.


Our four main product lines, TecnoMin®, TecnoCeramic®, TecnoMix® and TecnoBrick® have gained a strong foothold in a variety of markets due to the high quality, consistency and uniqueness they offer. TecnoIndustries prides itself on the exceptional purity of our calcium carbonate, our innovative approach in meeting market demands and our pursuit of consistent, reliable products backed with excellent customer service

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Become a leader in industry by making high quality, consistent products that distinguish themselves from the competition, while seeking operational, comercial and logistical synergy.


Design innovative products that generate value for our clients in a ecological and socially responsible way.​

TecnoIndustries Quarry 2.jpg

TecnoIndustries Quarry Production Plant

Dinamita Durango, Mx

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