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TecnoLogistics provides quality warehousing, stevedoring and distribution services for our customers in the US and Mexico, striving to enhance their business. We are a service oriented company, here to exceed our customer's expectations in a timely and accurate fashion through total commitment to quality and service.

We offer transportation services anywhere in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mexico, with competitive rates and door to door service.

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We haul a variety of goods such as brick, lumber, sheet rock, steel coils, pipes and bagged bulk materials. Our warehouses are strategically located in Rio Grande City, TX with easy, safe and unrestricted access to and from our warehouse.


Rio Grande Location: 16,000 sq. ft warehouse, 4 acres exterior storage


We also carry an above-standard insurance policy that includes the following coverages:


  • 1 million commercial liability insurance

  • $100 thousand cargo insurance

We offer job site delivery and offloading with our convenient piggy back forklifts. These mobile units can be mounted on the bed of a truck or hauled on our mobile trailer to any job site, saving you money and simplifying your transport experience. Our job site delivery service allows the customer to distribute the load to any point in their job site, even if its in rough terrain.